Canteen District

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The story of the Canteen District’s transformation began in 2016 when North Platte faced economic challenges and a gradual decline of its downtown area. Recognizing the need for revitalization, local business owners, community leaders, and passionate individuals came together to revitalize the downtown. Their mission was to restore the city’s core and create an attractive destination for locals and tourists. Within the Downtown Association Board, one group emerged with a specific focus on the Canteen District, a historically significant area with tremendous potential for growth. This group eventually took on the name “Canteen District, Inc.,” recognizing the historical significance of the nearby North Platte Canteen that once served as a vital support point for soldiers during World War II. One of the primary responsibilities of the Canteen District Board is to secure grants and funding for the various revitalization projects in the downtown area. By actively seeking grants from state, federal, and private sources, they have been able to finance projects that include infrastructure improvements, streetscape enhancements, public art installations, and historical preservation initiatives. The board members work tirelessly to identify funding opportunities, research grant requirements, and collaborate with government agencies, community partners, and local businesses to develop compelling projects and grant proposals. Their dedication to securing funding has been instrumental in leveraging resources and turning ambitious ideas into tangible, successful projects. The revitalization and beautification of downtown North Platte has been a multifaceted endeavor. The Canteen District Board has played a pivotal role in orchestrating various initiatives that have breathed new life into the once-neglected streets. Their commitment to preserving the area’s historical character while introducing modern amenities has been central to their success. Streetscape improvements, such as widened sidewalks, façade updates, and landscaped areas, have not only enhanced the aesthetics but also fostered a more welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors. The anticipated addition of public art installations will inject creativity and culture into the district, attracting both art enthusiasts and curious passersby. Along with the Downtown Association, the Canteen District board has actively collaborated with local businesses to encourage investment in the district, leading to the transformation of the Canteen District into a vibrant, walkable neighborhood that promotes local entrepreneurship and economic growth. The Canteen District Board stands as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives and collective efforts. With their unwavering dedication to securing grants and spearheading revitalization projects, they have become the foundation and financial piece of the Downtown Association Board. Through their vision and tenacity, the Canteen District hopes to offer a harmonious blend of history, culture, and economic vitality and to pave the way for a future where the downtown area thrives.

From 1941 until the canteen closed, 55,000 volunteers from 125 different towns, some 200 miles away, gave both food and time to make sure not one of these trains were missed and that each soldier was fed. So extraordinary, in fact, that from 1941-1946, the canteen served 6 million troops. None of which were ever charged, and no train was ever missed. Our goal is to bring back that sense of community. These times brought out the best of the best of people and we have worked to bring that back to our Downtown.

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